Monday, June 22, 2009


Hello Vintage Momma Fans! My name is Amanda Laubenstein and I am the newest addition to Vintage Momma. I am so excited to be helping Sharla with her amazing jewelry! I will be working on posting new pieces, and updating everyone on what she is currently working on.

A little bit about me...
I am a 2nd grade teacher, and love it. I am currently enjoying my summer off, and looking forward to taking some trips here and there. I love kids, and am volunteering over the summer with my home church, Woodlands Point in the Tamina Community, to help at risk children.

Be sure to check back soon, as I will be posting all of Vintage Momma's Summer Clearance items. You don't want to miss it!

Friday, December 12, 2008

giving hope in this life and the life to come...

A few weeks ago I received an email from someone asking about the donation aspect of Vintage Momma. 

I loved this question. 

I loved it because no one had ever asked me exactly ‘who’ that money was going to. 

I decided before I even gave Vintage Momma its name that I would be donating 10% of my earnings to specific causes. I wanted to see where it would go from there. I wanted God to move in that area and take it where He wanted it to go. Because, after all, it’s His money anyway, right?

We were introduced to the Haiti Rescue Center through some friends of ours we met not too long ago, the Ivey’s. We learned of a little boy they were yearning to bring home, and soon enough we were falling in love with him too. We were blessed to be able to be part of their journey, beginning last summer. From that point on, we began reading about this place that these amazing women took in and cared for handfuls and handfuls of infants, children and adults. When I say cared for, I literally mean these humans would not be alive today, without this kind of ‘care’. 

We knew. This is where we wanted this % to go to. But, as always you stop to think, I wish that I could literally place the money in their hands and see for myself who and what help it really is. In my own selfish ways, I wanted to SEE the difference. I wanted YOU to SEE the difference. 

How could I give in a way that is almost tangible? 

This is what we decided to do. These are the precious children that you are providing for every month when purchase something from Vintage Momma. You without even knowing it, have a direct hand in these 3 children’s lives. 

For safety’s sake, we will call them E, I & Y. :) 

Meet the sweet children that you are loving on right now.
If you have ever read this blog, written by Licia, the beautiful woman that runs the Haiti Rescue Center, you will know that these children are already several steps ahead of the rest. 

I struggled with this decision and am still unsettled. I want to lay down my husband’s entire salary to save these sweet, precious babies that are continually brought into the Center begging to be saved from starvation. I know that is not what they are asking us to do, and I realize even a little here and there really helps. Although, sometimes for me, I just would love to solve it all in one second? Isn’t it amazing that Our Heavenly Father has that ability? In the meantime, I want Him to use me somehow in that process.  

Why should we give to these children, that are already seemingly healthy and cared for and not the others. Well, the decision was made, so maybe one day THESE 3 CHILDREN can become educated enough, to turn around and make an even bigger impact in their own country than I am even capable of doing myself. Hopefully, they will learn and grow becoming huge influences in the Haitian society, in turn blessing all who have given to them by saving these precious lives.

Yes, these babies and children that are not being sponsored monthly still need help. Lots of help. That is why we hope to give above and beyond this percentage that we have committed to. And you can too. BUT, first we have held these 3 children in priority, to give, love and support them financially every month. 

So, I say THANK YOU! Thank you so much for your purchases. It is a gift that keeps on giving, literally. You will probably never see the lasting effects that your giving will do, but at least now, you have these sweet little faces as a reminder of your generosity. 

Thank you.

Also, another current need is for some friends of ours in the midst of a Haiti adoption process, that has been pushed into high gear. They must raise $2000 by the beginning of the year to bring sweet Ronel home. Go here to find out all the ways to help make this happen!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Vintage Momma Craft Show the books!!

Vintage Momma Craft Show #1... in the books!

Vintage Momma hosted it's very 1st Craft Show a couple of weekends ago!! It was an absolute blast, even though my mom and I only got 2 hours of sleep the night before!!! It was actually considered a 'Flea Market' but what we soon came to learn was that it was actually a HUGE garage sale (aka...lots of crazy garage sale people)!! But, it was perfect because once they were done doing that they loved browsing and buying some Vintage Momma Jewelry!!

We were told that we could get in line (in our cars) to set up our booth around 5:30am. Well, we thought, we were going to be one of the first so we pulled up at 4:45am. WRONG!! We were not only not in the front we were back around the corner. It all worked out though and we ended up getting the best parking place in the entire lot!! It took us about 20 minutes to set up our table and we were ready to go. The actual garage sale began at 7AM, and believe heard them coming. As soon as the people were told that they could come inside, they started screaming and running up the stairs to the booths! It was insane!!! I guess in a garage sale, it's first come, first serve but seriously was a little bit absurd.

Once everyone had a chance to get all their goods, people started COMING!! We did not stop selling, informing and handing out cards till 10AM!! It was fantastic!!! I got great reviews and raves over the jewelry and sold a ton!!

It was such a great experience and loved it even more working with my mom! She did such a great job!! I absolutely could not have done it without her!!!

And thank you to all those who support Vintage Momma Designs!!

Enjoy the pics.... Next craft show...November 8th!!! If you are interested, email me at

Sunday, September 28, 2008

sneak peek at some new jewelry!!

child's vintage white ring
mother/daughter matching rings

child's vintage amber ring
child's cherry ring

To be listed on '' very soon!!